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Page history last edited by pbworks 7 years ago
The number of visits made by gamers kesitus gemscool atlantica, making the existence of this site often crashes and can not be visited at all. It is often also be one of the causes of the existence of this site disappeared from Google's index.

Disruption experienced server Gemscool site because too many visitors, making the existence of this site often have "Google Sandbox" so where gemscool dragon nest own forum to address not visible in Google Search results.

Google Sandbox term itself is often defined as a situation where a website or blog address to get a penalty from Google, so the existence of such sites can not be found or missing from Google.

Although Google Sandbox hit, but the existence of the site itself is actually still can gemscool.com smoothly when you visit directly assess the site through a web browser you use. Simply by typing www.gemscool.com or www.forum.gemscool.com in your web browser, then the site you're going to be opened without any constraints.

Indeed, the existence of forums gemscool missing from Google is not a new phenomenon. Since in the next few years terakir this site often experience the same thing, but then will come back on the site Google when problems in serversnya is recovered.

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