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Australian election-related sites

Page history last edited by Jen Calipari 11 years, 11 months ago

This page lists webpages and sites engaged specifically in monitoring and discussing the Australian 2010 Federal Election.


ABC Campaign Pulse www.campaignpulse.abc.net.au/ ABC's coverage of the election, including tracking twitter sentiment
ACF environment election scorecard www.acfonline.org.au/articles/news.asp?news_id=3044 Environmental scorecard of election promises and policies by parties.
Aussies vote
An election dashboard covering the state of the parliament, online media coverage and tweets related to the election.
Australia2 www.australia2.org.au A site dedicated to allowing Australians to define their priorities for Australia.
Below the line http://belowtheline.cc/ The tool on this site lets you prepare your below-the-line senate vote ahead of the big day, reordering candidates individually or by group. Once you’re happy with it, you can print it out in a form that’s easy to transcribe on to the real ballot paper on polling day.
Below the line http://www.belowtheline.org.au/ Another tool for preparing a vote and seeing where preferences are directed
Almost real-time social media monitoring of election discussions online via Twitter.
EFA Election guide www.efa.org.au/2010/08/10/ausvotes-2010-party-policy-guide-is-now-available/ Technology guide of election promises and policies by parties.
Election10 www.election10.com.au A blog discussing the use of social media in the federal election.
Election Blackout www.electionblackout.com This group blog covers the politics, policy and prognosticating of the 2010 federal election.
Election leaflets
A searchable photographic online record of election leaflets handed out during the election, crowd sourced from the public. 
ElectionWIRE www.youtube.com/youthscape?utm_source=google-au&utm_medium=landingpage&utm_campaign=election2010 Vibewire and Youtube working together with 14 young journalists to present a youth view of the election. The public can submit their own reports or story ideas.
Google Federal Election 2010 map www.google.com.au/intl/en/landing/elections2010/ Interactive map of electorates, their margins and polling booths.
Google Student Voice www.google.com.au/intl/en/landing/studentvoice2010/#utm_campaign=en_au&utm_source=en_au-lp-apac-au-election&utm_medium=lp An opportunity for Australians under 18 to vote in a pseudo-election. The results will be compared to the actual election outcomes.
MyPolitician www.mypolitician.com.au Provides alternate ways to rate and compare politicians to inform voters.
NTEU higher education election scorecard www.nteu.org.au/campaigns/federal_election_2010/questionnaire National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) scorecard of higher education policies based on questions to political parties.
 Our Say
A site promoting informed debate through allowing the community to directly ask and vote for questions to federal candidates.
Policies wiki https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AgwGFHFd0TUIdExCbkNZWllUaVRsRG9yZXVVTXhUN0E&hl=en&authkey=CJu2lp8P#gid=0 Policies for all parties and their positions on various issues.
Politics Brief
www.politicsbrief.com Teleserye
A comprehensive coverage of the election campaign containing a daily breakdown of polls, promises, quotes and pictures.
SMH Vote-a-matic www.smh.com.au/federal-election/vote-a-matic/index.html Tool for assessing which political parties individuals more closely agree with.
Squawky Politics and Twitter sentiment http://www.squawky.net/project/australian-politics Tracks sentiment for Australian politicians expressed on Twitter.
The Social Election 2010 (Amnesia-Razorfish) www.thesocialelection.amnesiarazorfish.com.au/ Blog commentating on the social media aspects of the 2010 election.
Twit worm
www.twitworm.com.au Debate worm developed to use twitter comments to track sentiment during electionNew Nokia Phones debates.
Visual Democracy
Provides an election overview with day-by-day election coverage drawn from online sources. A hub linking to a variety of targeted election monitoring tools.
What Do You Think www.whatdoyouthinkithink.com Election-related polls submitted by the community.


Mobile Apps

Australian Federal Election App (iPhone)
http://bit.ly/djFW3h Provides details of key policies from political parties, capability to vote 'Agree', 'Disagree' or 'Neutral' for each policy and then provides guidance on voting choices.


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