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Unofficial Aus Govt  Social Media Handbook - Overview text

Page history last edited by Michael Harris 10 years ago

This wiki aims to draw on the knowledge that people creating blogs on behalf of the Australian Government have developed and to provide a starting point for those wishing to proceed.




If you wish to contribute, please ensure your content and comments are focused towards issues or implementation of social media within the  Australian Government space. Contributions are encouraged in multiple ways:




Editing of this handbook is both encouraged and welcome. From clarifying content for readability, examples to help better understand the issue, or new content and sections that are yet to be covered - all of this is welcomed. Simple create an account, login, and start editing.




Discussions on pages are also welcomed. At the bottom of each page, you'll find a discussion area where you can make comments, ask questions of those participating, and share your thoughts.




If you're not comfortable editing or discussing matters, then that's entirely OK. We would however love any ideas you may have on topics for discussion, possible improvident or areas that could be looked at. Submit these ideas to the future work section of this draft handbook.

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