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Unofficial Aus Govt Social Media Handbook - Future work

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Important notice and disclaimer
This Social Media Handbook is not officially endorsed by the Australian Government. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government or any other individuals or organisations.


Sections: Home - Overview - Blogs - ICT requirements - Content and brand administration - Administration process - Legal considerationsMonitoring Summary of Government guidelines - Open data - Media sharing sites - Tips - Exit strategies - Future work


If you have items that you'd like to see worked on in this handbook, please add a new heading below with some details and description of your suggestion or idea. Links to examples or best practice to go with these would be appreciated.


Guidelines for Government online forums


Guidelines for live web chats by Government officials


  • How should these be administered?
  • Existing best practice?
  • Archival requirements (might be addressed at a higher level)
  • Dealing with negative publicity or questions which relate to an individual's circumstances, does the agency have a method for following up and closing the loop on the question?


Online submissions


You will need to consider how you will report the information received upwards and how it will tie in with the submissions received via email (with PDF attachments), fax, letter and in person - you may need to enter the emails and scan letters & faxes in to a CMS or get your web team to publish these.  All submissions, except those marked as confidential are usually required to go up on the organisation's website. Scanned faxes and PDFs received from stakeholders are unlikely to meet accessibility obligations and will require resources to make them so. Should govt require submissions to be accessible? Should we set a word limit - can you process submissions that are 10,000 words or more? Some submissions have included whole books and videos.


ICT enabled citizen engagement/ principles and checklists available here  http://www.finance.gov.au/e-government/better-practice-and-collaboration/principles-for-ICT-enabled-citizen-engagement.html.


Legal issues of cloud computing


Suggested by Pia Waugh in a discussion item on the front page, commenting "whilst there are great benefits of using the cloud, I Teleseryeworry about the issues that you need to check out up front to make sure you don't have major lock-in/out or a hijacked ICT strategy. Seeing most social media foo is in the cloud, might be worth including some thoughts, and guidance around procurement and responsibilities."


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