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Unofficial Aus Govt Social Media Handbook - Tips

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Important notice and disclaimer
This Social Media Handbook is not officially endorsed by the Australian Government. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government or any other individuals or organisations.


Sections: Home - Overview - Blogs - ICT requirements - Content and brand administration - Administration process - Legal considerationsMonitoring Summary of Government guidelines - Open data - Media sharing sites - Tips - Exit strategies - Future work


Blog post writing tips 


Write Government acronyms in full and consider that many reader may not understand ‘govspeak’. Provide or link to a glossary if possible.


Because government agency names are often long, you may wish to try putting the ‘what’ before the who, particularly when writing headlines.


Eg. Daily tips service launched by Dept of XXX


Where possible keep each post to a single concept or topic. If you have multiple topics, consider breaking them into multiple posts - even parts in a series if appropriate (people will return for Parts 2 and 3 - or seek out Part 1 if they start in the middle).


Keep posts as succinct as possible - use 250 words as a rule of thumb for length (though break this for in-depth pieces). Posting very short (50 or less word) items is fine if there is value.



Only write posts and comments that re on behalf of the department that are inline with your responsibilities.



Blog promotion tips 

Add blog to lists:



Create an RSS feed for your blog. This could eventually account for potentially 50% or more of your readership. Consider using Google Feedburner or a similar tracking service to allow you to report on RSS traffic more effectively. Ensure this account can be handed over in the event you move on.


Cross-promote the blog via your other Govt channels. For example, in Twitter announce your posts with a link; in email announcements include a short summary and your blog and include it in email signatures. 

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