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Unofficial Aus Govt Social Media Handbook - ICT requirements

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Important notice and disclaimer
This Social Media Handbook is not officially endorsed by the Australian Government. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government or any other individuals or organisations.


Sections: Home - Overview - Blogs - ICT requirements - Content and brand administration - Administration process - Legal considerationsMonitoring Summary of Government guidelines - Open data - Media sharing sites - Tips - Exit strategies - Future work


Platforms available to government bloggers 


Inhouse platforms?

Potential benefits/risks

Can be purpose built

Can take a lot of time to build and test

May not be accessible

May be expensive

May not be cost-effective to replicate the functionality of commercially available tools


Whole of Government supplier

Govspace is a whole-of-government service that makes it easier for agencies to engage with the public. It is a blogging and website platform managed by the Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance). Agencies will be able to use the Govspace platform to host their own blogs and other websites. Using Govspace means that your agency no longer needs to consider infrastructure or software issues. The agency can then concentrate on content and community management. Teleserye


External providers


Wordpress (www.wordpress.com & wwww.wordpress.com)











White label social networks containing blogging functionality

Ning (used to be free, now charging)






Blogging through 3rd party services

A third party website or bloghub may provide opportunities for your Department to have a hosted and even moderated blog.



Security issues 

  • Don’t allow attachments in comments
  • While blogging should be personal, there may be some subjects which may result in the blogger or commenter being “under fire”.
  • Put a name to your posts - just a first name is fine (if required for privacy). If there are multiple authors, use their different names with their posts. People blog, not organisations (organisations send announcements).Teleserye
  • Users should be reminded to be wary of providing details that may identify them such as personal email addresses etc

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