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United States Government

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Department/Agency Name

Initiative Type

Social Media Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



USA.gov library of federal RSS feeds External   RSS Feeds         
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) External   RSS Feeds        
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)  External    Links to various social media sites on the foot of each web page to allow users to automatically post (to Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg, etc.) or e-mail      
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)  External    Facebook and LinkedIn group pages      
U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Colorado External RSS feeds for press releases, oil & gas lease sale information, and Teleseryeplanning documents. RSS Feeds Very successful    
Environmental Protection Agency External  

RSS Feeds


Internal More than 150 Wikis and Blogs Web 2.0 Applications          
External   Great Lakes Earth Day Challenge Blog        
External   Greenversations      
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association External   Warning System Rss Feed        
Federal Emergency Management Association External   Rss Feeds        
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services External Secretary Mike Leavitt blogs about health and the related challenges that face United States Health and Human Services Department Blog        
External To provide information on the uses of new media for the HIV/AIDS community. AIDS.gov Blog
Department of Defense


Covers the America Supports You program with daily information on citizen troop-support efforts, DoD programs and services, and educational tips for U.S. military servicemembers

ASY Live Blog



External RSS feeds for DoD News articles, press advisories, speech transcripts and Bloggers Roundtable RSS Feeds        
External   Military Health System Blog



External The Bloggers Roundtable provides source material for stories in the blogosphere concerning DoD by bloggers and online journalists. Where available, this includes transcripts, biographies, related fact sheets and video. Bloggers' Roundtable        
External Video-on-demand for any and all interested parties to download or embed; featured clips include but are not limited to DoD news, briefings, speeches, military campaigns and operations, public service announcement. vClips        
External Live and then archived radio shows of the Bloggers' Rountable calls. DoD Live Audio Casts        
Internal Podcasts Pentagon Channel Podcasts        
Department of Veterans Affairs External  

Second Life


Department of Veterans Affairs Internal Podcasts, Blogs, Wikis, RSS        
External DoD New Media's blog DoDLive blog        

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention



CDC  Injury Center Director's View Blog




Congressional Budget Office



Congressional Budget Office Director's Blog



Transportation Security Administration
External   Evolution of Security Blog
U.S. Department of Transportation External To provide a forum for discussing the nation's transportation system and making announcements about future projects Fast Lane Blog        
 U.S. Government Printing Office External       Future Digital System Blog        
National Center for Health Marketing External A blog about research, science, and practice in health marketing and communication, social marketing, information technology, public health partnerships, and more with Jay Bernhardt, Director of CDC's National Center for Health Marketing Health Marketing Musings Blog        
Secretary Michael Chertoff External Secretary Michael Chertoff blogs about working to protect the American people, building an effective emergency preparedness and response capability, enforcing immigration laws, and promoting economic prosperity

Homeland Security Leadership Journal Blog

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Harga BlackBerry Samsung Nokia


National Agricultural Library External   InfoFarm Blog         
Library of Congress External Highlights news and collections for the Library of Congress Library of Congress Blog        
NASA External NASA Goddard CIO, Linda Y. Cureton, blogs about technology, leadership, and being a Chief Information Officer NASA Goddard CIO Blog        
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health External This blog helps NIOSH to fulfill it's mission of translating scientific research into practice. It also provides a forum for NIOSH partners and the public to present ideas to NIOSH scientists and each other while engaging in scientific discussion. Science Blog        
National Museum of the Air Force External Blog posts from the public about their experiences at the National Museum of the Air Force National Museum of the Air Force        
Navy External The CIO blogs about matters related to information management and information technology and how they impact the Navy Department. Navy Department Chief Information Officer Blog     Robert Carey  
National Drug Control Policy External To educate Americans about illegal drugs and the latest international, federal, state, and local efforts to reduce drug use Pushing Back        

U.S. Geological Survey

(U.S. Dept. of the Interior)

External  Numerous public "real-time" hazards sensor data and other RSS/CAP feeds, plus video and audio podcasts, image collections, and a blog highlighting various USGS research activities.

Data & News Feeds;

Arctic Chronicles


Flickr Photostream;

YouTube Channel;

Podcasts, including CoreCastsCoreFacts 

    Dave Govoni or Scott Horvath Substanial third-party re-use of some feeds (e.g., earthquakes, volcanic activity, stream flow) on Twitter, Google Earth mashups, iPhone Apps.
Internal  Numerous wikis to support Communities of Practice, knowledge management, Science program and other research and technical teams, etc.; managers' blog for internal communication. USGS Leaders' Blog         

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

External  Provide portable content of high quality for constituents to use and generate discussion. Inform public about threat of genocide and engage in discussion about effective genocide prevention policies and actions; inform public about threat of antisemitism and hatred and motivate public to confront hatred and antisemitism.


World is Witness geoblog

YouTube Channel

Second Life sim

Facebook groups -- Committee on Conscience: Genocide Awareness and Prevention and Friends of World is Witness

Podcasts -- Voices on Antisemitism, Voices on Genocide Prevention, and First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors

Distribution of content via iTunes U


Chris Testa

David Klevan

Amelia Wong





Department/Agency Name

Initiative Type Objective/Purpose

Social Media Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



 District of Columbia

Office of the Chief Technical Officer,
"Apps for Democracy"

 public participation  solicit ideas from public on better use of public data (based on UK "Show Us a Better Way" competition)  facebook, digg,  ongoing   Dmitry Kaechev  

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department,


HR - Training &  Organizational Development Branch 

Internal Employee Training  Wikis designed to enhance collaborative learning environment and compliment e-learning, instructor led training (ILT), and inter-division familiarization for agency employees.  These forums allow students of leadership development courses to continue to learn beyond the classroom, providing opportunity to receive feedback from instructors and classmates when practicing skills learned at training events when incorporating them on the job.  Also hopes to save money and time by allowing employees to build upon individual training experience versus refresher courses.  Wetpaint  pilot phase    Chris Victoria   

























Department/Agency Name

Initiative Type Objective/Purpose

Social Media Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



Rhode Island Government External   Multiple Social Media on Website Rss, Podcasts, Blogs, etc...        
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene External  To educate NYC teens about mental health issues (e.g. substance abuse, risk taking, dating violence, depression and anger management) and to motivate them to seek help. Popular  social networking sites: MySpace, Facebook, YouTube     Sabira Taher Evaluation in progress.
City and County of San Francisco www.sfhomeless.net External To host homeless resources on a wiki so that resources used by the government, non-profits, and public can be complete, available and up to date. Wiki (Wikia.com) Over 800 pages   David Beall  
City of Santa Paula, California External Contains city government news and information from the City Manager. Blog     Wally Bobkiewicz  
City of Georgetown, Texas  External  To better solicit input from our citizens  Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS feeds.      Erin McDonald, Keith Hutchinson  Some users are still unclear of the difference between blog comments and personal emails to the city. 
DC's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (Apps for Democracy) External Enabled citizens to mashup the city's open data to produce new web and mobile applications Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS feeds 50+ applications developed Let citizens mashup data Peter Corbett  

City of North Charleston, SC


To provided an increased level of information to the public and improve interactivity.

Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, Facebook

Thousands of hits and increased information on the internet that was once unavailable.

Persistence is neccessary to build a strong following.

Ryan Johnson Follow, Watch, Read, View, Friend

City of Reno, NV 


To increase transparency and accessibility of City government to residents, increase citizen engagement, and provide a direct line of communication with constituents. 








and LinkedIn



Kevin Knutson (knutsonk@reno.gov) and Kristy Fifelski   

Village of Port Jefferson, NY


To increase transparency, inform citizens and visitors about special events and programs in the village, and allow residents and visitors to share feedback or complaints which are handled in a timely manner. 

RSS, Facebook, Twitter

Our Facebook fan base took off almost immediately upon introduction.  Since then, many people have posted photos and stories about their visits to the Village.  We have also seen a fair number of complaints that have been dealt with.  Twitter has helped us realize problems before them grow out of hand.

Make sure you keep the content fresh, but don't over do it with too many posts.  People will become annoyed if you are posting too frequently. 











GovLoop A social network for government employees and consultants.  Steve Ressler  
Nashville is Talking A website for Nashville citizens displaying live Twitter conversations about New Nokia PhonesNashville among other things.    
USGS Facebook community  An informal social network of current and former U.S. Geological Survey employees.     
Electing2Blog  Blog by a City Councilman in Washington state about use of social media by local government officials: legal issues, best practices, etc... Walter Neary   

Social Web Handbook for Washington State Local Electeds



Wiki with comments by attorneys and elected officials about use of social media including legal issues.     


Govistics is a public spending analysis tool detailing spending by category for nearly 39,000 U.S. governments.

Center for Governmental Research






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