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New Zealand

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Department/Agency Name

Initiative Type

Social Media Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



New Zealand Police External To update the Police Act Police Act Review Wiki Success: new Act reflects community input.   policeact@police.govt.nz  
State Services Commission External To promote thought leadership in key work programs, and provide input to policy In Development blog


Ongoing   Jason.Ryan@ssc.govt.nz  
State Services Commission External To publish practical technical ICT research and case studies, and to generate conversations on related topics Research e-Labs blog Ongoing   http://research.elabs.govt.nz/contact/  

New Zealand Companies Office


(Ministry of Economic Development)

External Circulate information, client engagement and interaction.

The official Twitterstream of the New Zealand Companies Office


Companies Office Facebook page

Ongoing   Mark.Jones@business.govt.nz  

New Zealand Companies Office


(Ministry of Economic Development)

External The sharing of information on upcoming initiatives and common issues by key Companies Office staff. To encourage client engagement and interaction at a more interpersonal level. The Companies Office blog Ongoing   Mark.Jones@business.govt.nz  
National Library of New Zealand
External Help create motivated and engaged young readers. This blog is about children's and YA literature (especially New Zealand), literacy research, and ways to get, and keep, kids reading.Teleserye Create Readers blog Ongoing      
National Library of New Zealand External   Librarytechnz blog Ongoing      
Ministry of Education External Discussion about using software and digital media for learning in primary and secondary classrooms. Lunchbox blog Ongoing   sarah.jones@minedu.govt.nz  
Archives New Zealand External A database of the film produced by the New Zealand National Film Unit. This includes access information for viewing copies held at Archives New Zealand and on-line video versions. Audio Visual wiki Ongoing      
Archives New Zealand External

The Digital Continuity Strategy will inform the creation of policies and actions across government by articulating the issues and detailing a vision for dealing with digital content.

Digital Continuity Strategy wiki Ongoing   stephen.clarke@archives.govt.nz  
National Library of New Zealand External We are posting a small selection of our collection images onto Flickr as a pilot.


Hosting images on Flickr


Pilot      Timeframes website
State Services Commission External Provide a collaborative website where anyone who is interested in the New Zealand Government Web Standards and Recommendations and Web Standards compliance can share knowledge and make suggestions on the future development of the Standards. Web Standards Wiki Ongoing   web.standards@ssc.govt.nz  
Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand External A pilot site to allow comments on articles which appear in its magazine alcohol.org.nz. ALAC blog Still in pilot   central@alac.org.nz  
State Services Commission Internal (to NZ public sector) A navigatible and editable library of interesting ICT projects across the New Zealand Public Sector E-initiatives wiki Ongoing pilot   matt.lane@ssc.govt.nz  
Ministry for Culture and Heritage External ‘Lively’ is for everyone involved in New Zealand’s cultural sector, whether the reason is work or play. Topics will include new initiatives in the sector, marketing, technology, cultural research and updates on the NZLive.com project. Lively blog Ongoing   blog@nzlive.com  
NZAID External An up-close and up-to-date insight on the realities of aid on the ground and discusses issues relevant to development work. NZAID field blog Ongoing      
State Services Commission External Comprehensively map New Zealand's Broadband landscape and provide information and tools to aid in demand aggregation and infrastructure planning National Broadband Map Ongoing   help@broadbandmap.govt.nz  
State Services Commission External (but restricted) A place to share information relating to participation,New Nokia Phones and develop the Guide to Online Participation Participation Wiki Guide to Online Participation      
Electoral Commission External For the first time the EEC has enlisted the support of the Bebo social media network site to help reach young New Zealanders to get them enrolled. Social networking: Orange Guy Bebo page        
Ministry for Culture and Heritage External

Signposts is the weblog (blog) of Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

Signposts blog     blog@teara.govt.nz  
Ministry for the Environment External To help create positive enviromental behaviour change among New Zealand households Discussion forum on the sustainability website Ongoing   info@sustainability.govt.nz

Currently testing the useability of the site and

looking at refreshing the current site design







TheyWorkForYou   mashup, feeds, API, video, email alerts  Rob TheyWorkForYou.co.nz is a volunteer-run website, re-presenting parliamentary business (Hansard etc) in useful form, that aims to make it easy for people to track the activity of Aotearoa New Zealand's Parliament.
New Zealand Government Tweeple  Public servants and government consultants etc. using Twitter   Feel free to add yourself to this list. Concider asking people before adding them as many Twitter users concider their Twitter accounts as personal.
Metagovernment  International project to create new governance mechanisms based solely on Web 2.0 an open committee  Instead of making leaders more accessible or accountable, this project is attempting to remove the need for empowered leaders altogether; instead making a web-based system which itself is the government. They are first targeting non-governmental democracies such as clubs, condominiums, etc. then scaling up from there.

Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base

Wiki based Encyclopedic Knowledge Base

  An information sharing resources for Australian & New Zealand Local Governments & Water Authorities.


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