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Forest Products Commission - Staff consultation

Page history last edited by Michael Harris 15 years ago

Project details


Status: In development

Michael Harris, Web Administrator








Deploy two-way conversation tool to engage with staff on issues. Inspired by Australia 2, which uses Nation Builder platform.


  • Support multiple discussions going on at once
  • Direct 'meatspace' participation through
    • Instant publishing of new ideas proposed for each discussion
    • Live voting (support/oppose idea) and commenting on ideas
    • Visibility: Is the idea going ahead? How has its implimentation progressed? Who has taken ownership?
  • Identify clear goals for each discussion and accepted ideas
  • moderators/owners communicate progress on each through status updates
  • Use statistics to prominenantly demonstrate the value participation is having on the discussion
  • Alert moderators to new ideas being submitted, prod them to ensure two-way feedback and manage their discussion communities.


Social media channels used


  • In-house developed application
    • Using ASP.NET 3.5
    • MVC Framework for rapid application development




  • Ongoing project, results yet to be published.


Lessons learnt


  • To be updated soon.


Additional comments


  • Considered using Nation Builder source and implimenting own service, but decided against due to:
    • Source code only maintained by single person
    • No significant improvments made to code in over 1 year
    • PHP framework used and level of work required to correctly impliment and maintain
    • Could not successfully run within existing Windows-centric infrastructure topology
    • Significant changes and coding necessary to
      • integrate seamlessly with existing directory and authentication platforms.
      • acheive additional requirments not in the base application (goals, progress reporting/status)
  • ASP.NET and MVC framework chosen to enable quick application development turn-around (Beta to be delivered inside 5 days)
  • Success and employee participation hinges on moderators participating in discussion and using tools to effictivly communicate and track progress.

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