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Department/Agency Name

Initiative  Type

Social Media Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Internal and External

Internal: Facilitate communication and collaboration

External: Provide timely and relevant news efficiently via RSS.

Facilitate communication and collaboration

AgriForum (secure forums, project spaces, remote screen sharing, document sharing, polling and chat features)
Deputy Minister’s Corner (blog)


AgriForum (secure forums, project spaces, remote screen sharing, document sharing, polling and chat features)

    E-Comm Director: Joan Anderson

Web Planning:
Nicolas Pjontek
Patrick LaJeunesse
Aaron Dick
Canada Business (multi-jurisdictional government initiative managed by Industry Canada) External Improve service delivery.


Twitter: CanadaBusiness & EntreprisesCan

Canada Business Website (with personalization and social network links)


RSS Feeds (with personalization)


Syndication of Canada Business content with business partners

    Simona Ioffe  
Canada Post  External    SecondLife Presence     

Stephanie Bullock

Canada Revenue Agency External

Reach multilingual audiences in alternative format

RSS Feeds

Tax tips to go (Podcasts)




Canada Revenue Agency External Crowdsource anti-"underground economy" videos. YouTube Contest        
Canada Revenue Agency  Internal  Training and Learning, Virtual Management and Project Collaboration Pathfinders are used to measure technical impacts, demand and cost/benefit of business usage while developing Best Practices. Web Conferencing, Wiki Demand from Training and Learning is high as is the usage for Web Conferencing. Considerable interest in Wikis for knowledge repository and project management.  

Colin Smith 


Stephen Fancy 


Canada School of Public Service


The Centre of Expertise in Communities of Practice


Internal Communities of Practice (CoPs): Knowledge exchange, collaboration, social networking and learning, document repository

Communities of Practice Portal



  People, people, people - it's not about the technology Bev Mitelman
The Centre's mandate is to promote and implement CoPs and social learning approaches within the federal Public Service

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

 Internal and External

Internal: Faciliate team collaboration. External:Increase impact/reach. Enable proactive, frequent communication that is immediate - that invites conversations about health & safety

Internal: WIKI for social media planning; External: Workscape discussion board, Twitter, WIKIPEDIA, webinars, podcasts, SlideShare account, Facebook page, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn



Four keys to success we've discovered: 1) be authentic; 2) be active; 3) be accurate; 4) be advertising-free

Krista Travers
Jennifer Miconi-Howse


Canadian Food Inspection Agency  Internal Information sharing and collaboration

Yahoo Groups

Google wiki

Considerable interest, but limited use to date Changing behavior will be a long, difficult process Albert Simard  Primary need is to service external clients 
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) & others External a look at Canada's engagement in Afghanistan through photos, video, audio


AfCam website

YouTube Channel

Flickr Photostream

Facebook Page


Canadian Museum For Human Rights External Engagement & education site Share your story, AddThis, jQuery galleries, Newsletters       Powered by Drupal
Canadian Tourism Commission External

Finding and sharing news stories

Drupal based Social Bookmarking Options

Tagged news releases (although not by the public)




Citizenship and Immigration Canada




Raise awareness around upcoming legislative changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act.




Waking up Canadian


Se réveiller Canadien


Drive as many people as possible to the CIC external website to learn more about the important changes to citizenship law.


2 so far:

- Get approvals on distribution strategy as early as possible.

- Have everything in place and ready to rock BEFORE publishing vidz.


More to come...









613 941 7088




25,000 views already and growing


(Posted Thursday April 9, 2009)


Our goal is 50,000 views.


As of May 20, 2009: over 150K views for English, over 27K for French

Communications Research Centre (Industry Canada)   






Internal Users

Drupal based CLF 2.0 website


Rss feed


Jive Social Business Softwarehttp://jivesoftware.com


Department of National Defence (DND)




Internal -

Defence@150 is a Deputy Minister sponsored PS renewal initiative of national scope


Stoneghost project -formerly known as Interlink-C part of Canada Command




Organization effectiveness 









Top Secret compartmented information network connecting Canada, Australia, UK, US

News Rss Feed 



web portal, blog, wiki, webinars, video, appreciative inquiry organization development process







Jive Social Business Software





  Recycled Press Release
Environment Canada External

Promote Biosphere (environmental action / citizen involvement)

Promote Canada's action on climate change (awareness)

Facebook (climatechange.gc.ca)

Flickr (climatechange.gc.ca)




Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada


DFAIT YouTube Channel

Facebook Groups (unofficial)
RSS Feeds


Foreign Policy eDiscussions


 RSS - Providing RSS feeds means you need to rethink your article titles so that they are meaningfull when viewed in a feed aggregator.

Nathalie Gervais

Seems very one-way at this point


On point above - Policy eDiscussions have been running for four plus years...


(Canadian Embassy, Washington DC)

Connect2Canada - Canada's Network in the United States

Website (and RSS)









Internal To provide collaboration tools to DFAIT employees in the context of the overall Transformation Initiative.



IBM Lotus Connections social media software (includes functionalities like blogs, communities, dogears, activities, dynamic employee profiles like Facebook, )


Government of Canada Hub



Rss Feeds of Every Department



Health Canada External


- Mobile Apps (English / French)   - Twitter (English / French

- YouTube (English / French)

- Facebook

  drugsnot4me (English / French)

  healthycanadians (English / French)

- RSS Feeds

- Widgets (English / French)

- Social Bookmarking

- Webcast

- Social media monitoring


See all on our social media index page (English / French)

    Daniel Morier (daniel_morier AT hc-sc.gc.ca)  

Health Canada




Collaborative file sharing (wiki)


Engagement of various communities (discussion forum)


Solicit ideas from staff (Publivate)

- HC Info Wiki (MediaWiki)

- Discussion Forum (phpBB)

- Publivate Collaborative Software (Publivate)

- Team wikis and micro-blogs (Oracle Beehive)


Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Internal and External

To enable organizations to integrate the NOC database directly into their Internet applications.

NOC WebSite
XML Feed

Timely access to current, real-time NOC data presented in your own look and feel.







Human Resources and Skills Development Canada


Mashup Tool to help newcomers to Canada make informed decisions about where to live and work.



SEO work being conducted 


3rd Party Skin version of WiC Tool App.







WiC Widget - Developing Working in Canada Widget to enable clients and partners to add a WiC Widget to their Web site or personal blog.

Working in Canada Tool - mashup that pulls data from a variety of GOC and non-GOC sources (constantly adding dataset to complete the picture).




Developed 3rd party versions of the WiC Tool for a number of federal and Provincial jurisdictions with each jurisdiction's look and feel. e.g.: workingincanada.gc.ca/manitobaworkingincanada.gc.ca/canlearn, etc.


JSP and Google API applet.


Developing Portable Mobile version of Working in Canada Tool.

Number of Web Services developed with database holders.





Aim is for clients not to have to visit 8-10 Web sites to get complete labour market picture  of Canada.


Benoit Verreault


Kelly Archer


Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

 Internal Small closed Working in Canada Wiki (WiC Wiki) between Federal and Provincial players who are working on Immigration Portals MediaWiki  Informal knowledge sharing platform (through mediawiki) taking place between Government of Canada Immigration Portal colleagues and their Provincial counterparts.

Jwiki proved too complicated for the common user. Recently switched to Media Wiki. Integrated a word to Mediawiki macro to assist users in adding their content. 

Benoit Verreault


Ryan Palmer


Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (Goint to Canada Immigration Portal)

External Social Media Pilot Strategy being developped to invite clients to discover specific areas of our Web Site that they may not be aware of. (current plan is for 2 notices per week)

Twitter.com: (English), (Français),


Facebook: (English), (Français)

Youtube: (English), (French)

Orkut: (English)

Xiaonei.com: (Chinese)


Social Sharing piece being developed for Web site conent and Working in Canada Tool.



Benoit Verreault


Kelly Archer

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) Internal

Intra departmental (Service Canada, HRDC, Labour Program, PRI) tool for documents, data, events and communities. Includes storage, retrieval, exchange, wikis, blogs and profiles.


Cross-departmental collaboration, file sharing, event management, and discussion support.

HRSDC Knowledge Portal 








HRSDC Interactive Forum

Operational since 2008 - Upadted in 2009. Planning for KP2 on going.




In production since July 2007. Now have over 3500 registered users in 350+ communities.

Custom, in-house solutions can be a cost-effective alternative.

George Kiefl








Al McFarland

Industry Canada Internal

"Connect, Contribute, Collaborate…". The ICWiki is a corporate knowledge repository and a platform for collaboration.

Wiki using Confluence

A Confluence based internal wiki has been used by CIOB at IC for 3 years with good results (over 800 users). It was expanded, rebranded and launched as IC's Corporate wiki on June 16, 2009.

Intellectual Resources Canada External An inter-departmental and inter-sectoral initiative seeking the participation of any community engaged in the joint creation and evolution of data, information or knowledge. Trac's wiki & project management tools        

Library and Archives Canada











Understand the Second Life platform; determine what utility it might have for libraries & archives




Some Second Life presence and participation







Flickr album

Flickr geo-tagged image map


Valuable contacts & collaborations; could have done more but resources were limited



More than one person should be involved to maintain a  viable departmental presence in SL


Gordon Jung
National Housing Research Committee External   masups, rss, social sharing on main website
National Research Council Canada External

NRC Podcasts -

Drawing on interviews with NRC researchers, business people and subject matter experts, these 10-minutes podcasts introduce subjects such as the environment, your health and a variety of technological advances. Mostly a PR exercise to sensitize the listener to NRC's role in improving the lives of Canadians, while informing potential business partners of NRC's competencies.

Podcast Unknown      
National Research Council Canada External

Experimental site for demonstrating and evaluating web-based experimental applications for science libraries and new innovations and approaches to electronic publishing

CISTI Lab wiki (uses MediaWiki)        

Natural Resources Canada




Improved internal collaboration


HR recruitment 





Facebook : Jobs @ Natural Resources Canada

Twitter :  NRCanJobs




Promoting On Campus recruitment events  and

Jobs opening In the technical and scientific field




Still learning but needs commitment and ongoing attention




Judith Boucher, Chief

Ana Lissansky, Marketing Officer

Shaun Casey, Advisor

Rebecca Blake, Public Opinion Research analyst


MediaWiki based

Performance measurement

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages

Commissariat aux langues officielles

Media/Internet monitoring + PR applications


Surveillance des médias et Internet + applications de communication publique

RSS feeds

Google News alerts

Possible blog

Canaux RSS

Alertes Google News

Possibilité d'un blogue

Better all-around issue monitoring

Meilleure surveillance générale des enjeux

  Robin Cantin  

Office of the Privacy Commissioner


Privacy Commissioner Blog



Colin McKay Great idea to disclose the authors
Office of the Secretary to the Governor General External  

Citizen Voices Blog 



Office of the Veterans Ombudsman



Use a wiki for internal knowledge management and collaboration. External website has a blog, public consultation area, and RSS feed/social bookmarking capabilities.

Confluence Wiki (general info)

Blog (external)

Facebook Fan page



Charlie Cue

Heidi Lund



Policy Research Initiative (including Canada@150)

300 active policy analysts plus invited outsiders doing Horizon Scanning and foresight in a year long project.

New Meta-Scan project uses same tools with a growing number of people across the Federal government doing scanning

Explore how new collaboration tools can facilitate policy research, analysis and foresight

Jive / Clearspace (with 5000 active wikis, 2500 discussion groups, self-organizing project management and polling)

Mind 42 (for online group scenario development)

Go to meeting

Survey Monkey

You Tube

plus open source video conferencing tools

Anthony Williams, the co-author of Wikonimics said it was one of the most innovative uses of the technology he had seen.

Participants say the software helps them be more effective but face to face meeting are important.

Both technical expertise and new group skills are needed to make it all work.

It challenges the traditional culture of the bureaucracy

Peter Padbury


Stef Christensen


Public Safety Canada



News Rss Feed

Cyber Warnings 2008 Rss Feed

Daily Infrastructure Report Rss Feed

Genuine Blogger Relations (example)



  Recycled Press Release

Public Health Agency of Canada

Internal & External

Listening, Participating and Initiating. Social Media monitoring. Using Social Media to reach the audiences on the issues of Public Health.



Mobile (ENG/FRA)

Twitter (ENG)

Twitter (FRA)

Facebook (ENG)

Facebook (FRA)

YouTube (ENG/FRA)

Flickr (Soon)


Share Feature on the PHAC Site

Case Study and Report will be made available on request soon.


Mark Hudson & Marquis Cote  
Statistics Canada External Engage students and teachers Learning Resources Podcast      Media Relations  
Statistics Canada External Reach targetted audiences, use Web 2.0

RSS The Daily news releases; CANSIM updates;

2011 Census Dissemination Discussion Forum /

Forum de discussion sur la diffusion du Recensement de 2011

    Media Relations  
Statistics Canada Internal Training materials / Collaboration Wiki (various divisions)      



Treasury Board Internal   ADM Wiki Experiment        
Treasury Board Internal General purpose wiki for Government of Canada federal public servants created by the Public Service, for the Public Service intended to help us work better in the service of Canadians MediaWiki based GCpedia     Karl Ghiara borrowing a little from the US Govt's Intellipedia experiment






Department/Agency Name

Initiative Type

Social Media Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



Government of Manitoba External Emergency updates, highway conditions, government program and public service information.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MBGov 



 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ManitobaGovernment



YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ManitobaGovernment


Government of Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Labour

External News, information and education for the public







Bruce Skeaff

Social Media Planner


Kevin McKaye, Manager, Strategic Communiations Unit


Ken Downs, Online Specialist


Government of Ontario External   Social Media Releases      



Government of Ontario  External  Recruitment  SecondLife presence         
Premier of Ontario External   You Tube        
Government of Ontario
Ministry of Government Services
External online collaboration on broadband with stakeholder groups Interactive website Digital Ontario     Digitalontario@ontario.ca  
Government of Ontario
Ministry of Revenue
External   RSS Feeds
Social bookmarking
Twitter (en Français)
Government of Ontario
Ministry of Finance
External   RSS Feed
Social bookmarking
Twitter (en Français)
Government of Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs External   Podcast        
Foodland Ontario External   Twitter        
Alberta Geological Survey  External  Reach our younger audiences and extend communication reach.

RSS Feeds


Social Bookmarking


Podcasts are now our most popular downloads.


  Gisela Hippolt-Squair  In process of converting our intranet into a wiki. 

 Service Canada


Add options for job seekers to get job updates

RSS Feed





Environmental Commissioner of Ontario


Learn about the Environmental Bill of Rights; read reports online





Hayley Easto using mediawiki as CMS (locked for public editing)

British Columbia Securities Comission


InvestRight investor education program


YouTube (various other video sites via TubeMogul)




Twitter (Director)

Twitter (staff)


Videos are most popular right now. 

Have a strategy and be prepared to spend time with it. 

Anthony Wong Next step is to increase participation and integration to support and grow community.
British Columbia Securities Commission External Industry website RSS        
British Columbia Securities Commission Internal internal communications



Ontario Government Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing External education Facebook page,
YouTube a
Twitter @OntMMAH,
RSS feeds, Google Maps
yet to be seen learning as we go Ania Sroka  
Ontario Government Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing internal employee communications blogs on intranet more two-way comm requires time / resources to keep fresh    
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (MNDM) External Extend communication reach and new potential audiences


RSS feed for individual programs / news releases 

Social Bookmarking

  Still learning Jason Guitard, Jennifer van der Valk




Government of British Columbia Ministry of Environment External

Living Water Smart

To modernize the BC Provincial Water Act

WordPress Blog encouraging dialogue on options for legislative change in modernizing B.C.’s Water Act   

Ian Graeme


Government of British Columbia (all ministries) External provide news updates and announcements to the public and media RSS feeds for each Ministry        





Corporation (MNDM) External Extend communication reach and new potential audiences


RSS feed for individual programs / news releases 

Social Bookmarking

  Still learning Jason Guitard, Jennifer van der Valk





Department/Agency Name

Initiative Type

Social Media Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



City of Ottawa External  

RSS Feeds

English Twitter @ottawacity

French Twitter @ottawaville

    e-Media Team   
City of Ottawa Internal Improved internal collaboration; and cultural change

Blog, Wiki, Yammer

Web 2.0 Seminar Series

  Start with a pilot & get a strong senior champion  e-Media Team  
City of Ottawa External Ottawa area interactive traffic map - dynamic display of web cams, parking, construction, events, message signs, and bike paths (more info to come) Interactive Traffic Map (Google Map) e-Media Team       
City of Ottawa External To allow residents to easily track  crimes occuring in their area Mashup         
City of Guelph  Internal  Reducing silos by providing corporate wide collaboration.  Blogs, Wikis, SharePoint Team Sites, Interactive Leadership Training program, Forums, eCards, Employee profile webpages     Web Services   
City of Guelph  External  Improved communication with residents  Mayor's Blog, Flickr page, Youth Blog, Facebook.com/cityofguelph,  Google Maps, Google Transit, RSS Feeds, Tourism RSS, Council Meeting Live Feeds, Twitter (@cityofguelph, @visitguelph)     Web Services    
City of Montréal Internal Improve IT documentation Mediawiki        
City of Montréal Internal Strategic IT watch (surveying 60 websites and IT observatories every two days) WordPress        
City of Montréal Internal IT skills portfolio and social networking BuddyPress (a WordPress Mu module)   Being tested    
City of Toronto External To open up Toronto. To increase public access to City information and services.

Twitter:  City; 311; Open TorontoCouncil,

Web pages: toronto.ca/open; Toronto 311; toronto.ca/wellbeing; toronto.ca/demographics


  Lessons learned: Don't assume what is wanted + needed. Ask first. And listen well! + Move toward offering tools for visualizations - more than just providing raw data to allow non-developer insight into what the raw files communicate.
City of Toronto Business Intelligence Open Data Unit  
City of Oshawa External

Increase communications with the public, stakeholders and media. Further our ability to communicate with the community and to disseminate timely, relevant information

Twitter: @oshawacity

Facebook: @oshawacity

YouTube: @oshawacity

- Social Bookmarking/Sharing

RSS Feeds: News, Service Updates, Employment, Community Events, Meetings

eNews: Two City e-newsletters


Began as a pilot project in Nov. 2009. Twitter account now has nearly 800 followers and reaches media, community groups, local businesses and residents
Lessons learned: begin small and work your way up to creating a comprehensive strategy. Shannon McFadyen   

Region of Waterloo 


encourage corporate-wide collaboration on various projects/issues

Social Media Wiki

Road Guidelines Policy Wiki -- included internal and external (consultants) audiences

Employee Survey Wiki


Developed draft social media policy, took it to corporate leadership team for their endorsement, they approved one-year pilot, in process now of developing and rolling out social media information and training program for staff

Keren Adderley   

Region of Waterloo  


provide greater access to information about Regional programs/services, encourage wider public involvement in consultation processes


Regional Transportation Master Plan Facebook page

Region of Waterloo History Museum Facebook page


Make sure you have something to say! Keep it active and interesting. Need to use traditional communications tools to drive audiences to pages too. 

Keren Adderley   

Region of Waterloo  


Encourage wider public involvement in the Region's consultation process for rapid transit, encourage broader participation by youth

consultation portal - iEngage - launched in midst of three-year public consultation process with polls, discussion forums, information, etc., Rapid Transit Facebook page, Twitter: @ROWRapidTransit,



Constant learning process.. Find a champion(s) on Senior Management Team. Pathfinder approach works well....find people who know how do things and ask for their participation. Communication students are a great resource! 


Keren Adderley    
Village of Pouce Coupe  External  provide access to information and engage a larger audience  Village Facebook Page         
City of Edmonton External provide access to information & engage a larger audience Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, RSS (various)        
Peace River Regional District External Provide access to information on current projects and meeting dates RSS, GoogleMaps        
City of Chilliwack External Provide information on council meetings, bid opportunities, traffic notifications RSS (various)        
City of Vancouver External   Twitter, Facebook, RSS      


Halifax Regional Municipality External   RSS, Facebook, Google Transit, YouTube,     webmaster  








Online Party of Canada Federal political party based on user-generated, government 2.0 via the internet. All parliamentary bills are posted for everyone to read, discuss, and vote on. Open to all Canadians. Users can submit their own bills to be voted on to become part of the party's platform. All officers and candidates for the Online Party of Canada (OPC) swear an Oath of Accountability before a Commissioner of Oaths, where they swear to vote according to the majority position on all parliamentary bills or resign. So, if elected into official office, an OPC Member of Parliament will always vote according to the majority. 

Ben Odynski (contact)


Michael Nicula (founder)


Public Sector Marketing 2.0

A blog providing fresh insights on government, association, and non-profit marketing in a Web 2.0 world

Mike Kujawski

CPS Renewal Blog An unofficial blog on public service renewal operated by public servants.  The blog points at information that may be of interest to those interested in renewal, and exclusive commentary posted every friday.

Nicholas Charney 

CanuckFlack A blog about public relations, marketing, retail quirks, government communications and oddities … and written in Canada! Colin McKay  
GovLoop A Social Network for government employees and consultants Steve Ressler  
SpotCrime Google maps + police crime reports = easy to use mashup. Crime maps for communities all over the US, as well as many Canadian cities, and other cities across the globe.    
Calgarypedia A wiki for present and future Calgarians. Calgarypedia is a registered trademark of Calgary Economic Development.   Powered by MediaWiki

Worksafe BC

The Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia has a Twitter account and a YouTube Channel.

CommonLookandFeel.ca A community space where those who work for and on Government of Canada Web projects can come together to share, learn and create. digitalOttawa, Partners & The Community Powered by Wordpress and Drupal

CLF 2.0 Discussion

A discussion site about Common Look and Feel themes, from within a CLF 2.0 theme.  Discussing accessibility challenges,New Nokia Phones theme improvements, etc..

OpenConcept & Forum Contributors Powered by Drupal
eaves.ca A blog that frequently touches on the intersection between public service sector renewal, public policy, technology and open source David Eaves
The Government of Canada 2.0 A blog about the government of Canada and Web 2.0

Douglas Wai-Chung Bastien

Spaghetti Testing A federal government communicator blogging about Web 2.0, social media, etc. Peter Smith
Politwitter.ca Canadian political Twitter service, connecting MPs and MLAs with Canadians via Twitter Trevor May
Parliament 2 Imagining how the parliament might work if it was run completely democratically through the internet

Trevor May







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