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Unofficial Aus Gov Social Media Handbook


Australian election-related sites


All initatives

Department/Agency Name

Initiative Type

Social Media/ Channel(s) Used


Lessons Learned

Key Contact(s)



Australian Government Information Management Office - Government 2.0 Taskforce External To increase the openness of government, and encourage online engagement through  Government 2.0 initatives Blog In Progress   Taskforce Secretariat

ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (Federal)




Source external views on new ABS online initiatives.

Quote: ABS βetaWorks is a development environment for new designs and concepts for the ABS website. βetaworks allows ABS Designers to showcase what we're working on and find out what you think. Using your insights and ideas, we can continue to improve the ABS website experience for all.





In Progress      
App my state
(Victorian Government)
External Public competition to foster and promote the development of innovative digital applications and web services using public and government data relating to Victoria.


Ideas market

Competition closed. Winners announced.      
apps4nsw External

Public competition to foster and promote the development of innovative digital applications and web services using public and government data relating to New South Wales.




Competition closed

Winners announced.
Attorney General's (Federal) External The National Human Rights Consultation provided an opportunity for you to share your views on human rights in Australia.

Open Forum


Australian Taxation Office (ATO) (Federal)

External To engage taxpayers in new and innovative ways to encourage and support voluntary participation in the tax and super systems.




In Progress     For more information, refer to find us on social media
Australian War Memorial External To share information on Australia's military history



Flickr Commons




Australian Government Tweeple

  Print advertising now carries details of the Memorial's social media accounts
webmaster@awm.gov.au Good use of social media and integrating on-line efforts with tradional media relations
CSIRO External & Internal  



Online community for Alumni


Department of Health and Ageing (Federal) - National Public Toilet Map
External Help people with incontinence (also travelers and people with young families) National Public Toilet Map  Ongoing     mashup combining info from several govt DBs
Department of Health and Ageing - yourHealth External Public consultation and education site supporting health reform



Video submission

Currently not taking submissions
Must create hooks into existing communities to draw in interested participantsNew Nokia Phones yourhealth@yourhealth.gov.au  
Department of Health and Ageing - H1N1 (swine flu) embeddable website badges
External Extends communication about swine flu vaccination beyond Department's sites - enabling motivated bloggers and organisations to be involved Web badges for 3rd party websites and blogs Ongoing Needs to be promoted and encouraged   Extensible to other messages
Department of Health and Ageing - Drinking Nightmares Page
External Supports campaign, reaching young people with a message about the dangers of binge drinking Facebook page Ongoing      
Department of Health and Ageing - STI Condom Tin Design Competition (crowdsourcing)
External Crowdsourcing designs for condom tins while building awareness of STIs Custom site April - May 2010      
Department of Health and Ageing - YouTube Channel
External To distribute public Departmental videos Youtube Channel Ongoing      
Royal Australian Air Force External   Facebook group Ongoing      



Businesses looking to export 






Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy


Public consultation



The trial is now completed and results are being reviewed.




Prime Minister


Public Information
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook



  The Prime Minister is using YouTube regularly to communicate with Australians.  
Centrelink External Inform the community about Commonwealth services, support and payments
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Webcasting
  • Online community (restricted access)
  • Research project with the CSIRO 
Ongoing   new.media@centrelink.gov.au  
Department for Families and Communities, South Australia


Chief Executive

Blog called Spe@k e-

  • improve organisational communication
  • provide an online forum for sharing views and opinions which lead to business improvements
  • foster strong and trusting relationships between staff and their CE
  • trial the use of technology to inform Web 2.0 strategy development
Blog      fergus.hogart@dfc.sa.gov.au  
Forest Products Commission, Western Australia Social media Trial social media technologies/services to increase awareness of and participation in agency activities/outputs In progress More information

Michael Harris, Web Administrator



Deploy two-way conversation tool to engage with staff on issues. Inspired by Australia 2, which uses Nation Builder platform.


More information

In-house developed application In development More information

More information

Immigration and Citizenship ImmiTV
ImmiTV is where you'll find stories about how we help people from all over the world visit, study, work and live in Australia. Video via Youtube Production      
NSW Public Libraries: Learning 2.0 External An online program to learn more about emerging technologies on the web that are changing the way people, society and libraries access information and communicate with each other. Blog        
National Water Commission External, closed Community of Practice for Water Managers Online community, Ning http://www.cop4ewm.com.au/ In progress   Ben Isherwood  

National Archives of Australia


Make archival records visible and findable; enrich the archival account of history

Mapping Our Anzacs – Mash-up of Google maps, WWI service records, Tumblr;

Flickr photostream;

Facebook page;

YouTube channel


MoA is very successful in terms of page views and contributions to the digital scrapbook

A book chapter on lessons learned is in progress



State Library of Western Australia


Varied, each individual projects based on organisational needs. Social Bookmarking started as small project to sychronise bookmarks across a handful of computers. Now used by most staff who deal with public via AskNow or face to face.


Delicous for Reference and Family History

Facebook application

Consultation Wikis

Social Bookmarking has been very sucessful. Blogs also sucessful

Training helps, but really need champions within organisation. Nick Cowie nick.cowie@slwa.wa.gov.au  
www.nationalculturalpolicy.com.au External Public consultation Forum Continuing for approx 3 months, positive response Promotion is key kylie.johnson@environment.gov.au  
National Film and Sound Archive External To collect, preserve and share our rich audiovisual heritage.













Ongoing   Web Manager



Regulatory Practice Wiki (Victoria) External  Online repository of publicly available sources of information about improving the performance of regulators
Wiki  Ongoing    regulator.governance@dpc.vic.gov.au Uses a "freemium" private sector hosting platform- "Wikispaces"









eGov AU Gov 2.0 and eGovernment thoughts and speculations from an Australian perspective Craig Thomler Thinking and daily updates about Gov 2.0 and egovernment developments in Australia and around the world.
Traffic on Maine The only PR and Marketing Blog from Australia's National Capital   Regular updates about issues affecting government communications in Australia. About 250 government and other communicators subscribe to this blog.

Harmony Day


First time use of social media in this 10 year old campaign


Harmony Day is 21 March.  The campaign celebrates Australia's cultural diversity and this year there were over 4250 events across Australia. 


Information was provided (in a modest way) via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Youtube and Wikipedia.  People also used social media platforms to share their Harmony Day plans. Teleserye


2009 was the first cross-platform use of social media for this campaign.

Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base

Wiki based Encyclopedic Knowledge Base

  An information sharing resources for Australian & New Zealand Local Governments & Water Authorities.

Applying Innovation in Government


Applying Innovation in Government   Linking Innovation to important government initiatives like Community Engagement, Open Data, Open Government and all Gov2.0 initiatives


Comments (8)

Michael Harris said

at 10:52 am on Jul 24, 2009

Have created a project-specific page for the two projects who's details I've contributed here. Having their information in the main column list makes them scroll off the edge of the screen, with PBwiki displaying the page in an iframe (not ideal).

Also, the idea of a project specific details page is a far more flexible option for displaying sizable amounts of information.

Anne Groundwater said

at 12:00 am on Aug 12, 2009

Hi, just wondering if anyone in Australia knows whether the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is using Web 2.0 in any way shape or form? I'm doing a Masters paper on Web 2.0 in Government focusing on the ATO. Thanks.

Michael Harris said

at 8:49 pm on Aug 17, 2009

Nothing I'm aware of from the ATO Anne.

Michael Harris said

at 10:20 pm on Aug 27, 2009

Gov 2.0 taskforce entry added, why wasn't it already there..

Craig Thomler said

at 5:15 pm on Oct 16, 2009


A late reply, but the ATO has an e-Tax facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/ATOetax?v=box_3

Otherwise I'm not sure what material you will find for your Masters paper. Would love to read it when you're finished! Please publish it rather than letting it disappear into the murky halls of academia.

Lisa Howdin said

at 12:16 am on May 4, 2010

This is a great idea. Can people please flag whether the project is Federal, State or Local Govt? Agencies/Dept like to know about those in a similar context.

Lisa Howdin said

at 12:50 am on May 7, 2010

Does anyone have experience with Live chat?

Neil Douglas said

at 12:57 am on Jan 14, 2011

Hi Lisa, I have no first hand experience but I'm sure the very helpful people at business.gov.au will be able to help you. You can see their page at: http://www.business.gov.au/Information/Pages/LiveChat.aspx

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